Go Long, for Life

The "bomb" was super exciting but very high risk. I don't think God created us to be just good enough. Many people live their lives, and some nonprofits run their organizations, this way —never going for the long ball. It doesn't make sense, and it's always a high risk, so we keep just running short plays in our lives — the enemy of our souls keeping us in check, overwhelming us because we only stick to the safe short plays. In fact, unless you had a terrific quarterback and a really fast person, it didn't work most times.

The only thing that has been difficult is getting used to my new appetite. I've been throwing out a lot of my food because I physically feel like I cannot eat that much, and if I do eat too much then I don't feel so good.

However, I'm learning to keep all my meals small and frequent (just like I should have been doing all along!). I plan to definitely buy this product again, I really love it and finally, I've successfully changed my eating lifestyle.

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