35 Ways to Wear Block Heels Like the Fashion Crowd (and 6 Perfect Pairs to Buy)

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Comfy shoes that are also fashion forward — sounds good to me. So, it surprised me when I read a couple other fashion sites and found women bashing block heels as frumpy. Your feedback is really important to us to help improve your shopping experience in the future.

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Shoes With Block Heels: Dressy or Casual? Some block heels are casual, some are prissy, some are masculine, some are summery, some are wintery, some are ornate, some are glittery, some are meant to be evening wear etc.
You'll forget you're in heels with the flawlessly engineered construction of this heel. Mia is a must-have for the modern woman on the go.
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Shop your new work week hero: the block heel shoe. Think stylish slip-on mules and perfectly pointed pumps in dreamy soft suede and leather. Freshen them up with ripped jeans or wear with tailored culottes for a chic evening look.

Yep, fat block heels give you and me more stability than skinny heels do, because this style of shoe has more to deliver where the rubber meets the road. I don't want to give you the impression that all chunky heels are high. Some block heels are short and stocky Those low, square heels are nicey-nice, but I like to wear the towering-inferno versions, the geriatric-Elton-John styles.

I just threw that out there for a laugh from all you post-disco chicks who remember seeing Sir Elton John in his glittery 70s garb, with shiny bomber jackets, rhinestone sunglasses, and sky-high platform boots. Hello Yellow Brick Road. I love high heels. Hey, I have to wear flats when I'm going to the dog park or when I'm playing tourist, but the rest of the time, I add a few extra inches to my height. I feel better when I'm taller. I don't care that my feet are going to suffer What can I do?

What are the best things to wear with chunky heeled boots or booties or pumps or sandals. The answer is "almost anything". The only trick is that you must match the feel of your block heel shoe with the feel of your outfit. I suppose there are a few things you can't wear chunky boots with Try that and you'll end up looking like a hooker in kinky boots.

However, chunky heels go with almost everything else You can drink champagne out of block heel slippers. Some block heels are casual, some are prissy, some are masculine, some are summery, some are wintery, some are ornate, some are glittery, some are meant to be evening wear… etc.

You need to find the footwear that matches the gestalt of the outfit. What I mean is I think you probably should consider the formality of the outfit more than the color you're wearing.

However, there are times when you should go just the opposite of whatever shoe is expected. Have a little fun. Most wide thick block heels are meant for casual outfits, but you can skirt the issue every now and then We all know how good chunky boots look with casual outfits, but what about party clothes? Well, there are lots of groovy options for those of you who want to go tall without losing your balance. And all of those options have a thick, chunky heel. I am truly a bit more wobbly than I used to be, but I refuse to give up and wear old-lady shoes.

And, as much as I like stilettos, a walking cast is not my best look. Another cool thing about block heels is that the larger heel often becomes a canvas Look for stores that carry heels covered in gold, silver, rhinestones, or glitter. High heels never looked so good. So, now you understand that block heels can add an extra element of glamour to an outfit, but are these shoes something that was invented to protect little old wobbly ladies from falling? This look was started by the young and the trendy.

That's why these shoes, with their fat heels, are so cool. These high heels are like "mom stilettos" for women over 40 or They are perfectomundo for hipster mothers who have to chase down their kids at weddings. They are fabulisimo for sexy grandmothers who want to look a bit less obsolete and dowdy, while staying upright as their cruise ships rock and roll on the open seas. Block heels are a rocker-chic look. Skirts and dresses are somewhat rare on kids these days, but I have a feeling these pictures will help bring flirty dresses back.

Those British outfits would be mine. Well, if you are over 40, I'm not telling you to wear socks and platform sandals.

Comfy shoes that are also fashion forward — sounds good to me. My biggest concern is that some of these types of shoes are hard in the toe box. I had a lovely mock crock grey version with buckled toe that I had to pass on because they pressed down so on the top of my toes. I had one pair for years cognac leather with black patent toe box. Very comfy until the leather had grown so much I was loosing them and it was precarious to walk in them. They gathered lots of compliments. In my experience traditional womenswear gather a lot of compliments.

I used to own pumps of this style at all times in my wardrobe… but about five years ago I got rid of my last pair because I always felt so dowdy wearing it. Without wanting to sound ageist, I wonder if this trend is not better suited for younger women. I find these classic styles, traditionally associated with a certain type of senior dressing such as the Queen , and of which I was a huge fan in my thirties, more and more difficult to wear with pizzazz as I advance in age.

With a younger figure, these strict, classic shapes contrast in a refreshing way, and I can see how it can re-frame a simple, casual denim outfit in a novel way. But on the mature woman I have become, it suddenly I looks like my grandmother. God forbids I would inadvertently also be wearing polka dots, bright turquoise or heavy specs at the same time… I have noticed the same thing with pearls and some pencil skirt tweed suits. My solution so far for these have been to wear a pencil with sneakers, and pearls wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet, or around my neck mixed in with a ridiculous amount of other alike necklaces.

Thank you fro bringing up this trend to our attention. Your post is wonderfully written and already addresses the dowdy factor.

I am just throwing this extra perspective out there. I like these, much more comfy than a stiletto pump and much more flattering than a plain ballerina: I loved this right away, and have been looking for a pair for a couple months.

So I am thrilled for the crops being back on trend, and adore this look of shoe with them. I think too, as I move away from high heels, just never want to grab my pointy toe 3 inch pumps anymore, these appeal.

I still in my professional life dress up a bit, so need a trendy shoe to contemporize my outfits. I will check these out. I already passed my pair along to a much younger woman. Wearing them once, to a wedding, convinced me that on me, they were too much in danger of being misunderstood.

As I have said elsewhere, that question becomes much more pertinent to women who are actually of grandmother age. I am with you Angie — they intrigue me. I would love to play with a pair and see how I can take it from dowdy to fab! Flat balerinas do not work for my feet at all because of the low vamp — I wonder if heeled version with a higher vamp may work better…if I can find any in my size. The look still strikes me as ladylike with a bit of attitude—and of course, easy on the feet.

Yippee, I have been waiting for these to come back in style. I find the pointed toe-block heel look a tad confused: A block heel just seems more balanced with a round or square toe. I have to get a little bit used to them, but I can see me wearing those. They are elegant and good to walk with.

I would be less likely to wear them with dresses than with jeans and pants, but find them quite comfortable and a nice change of pace from pointy toes, which I usually wear. Also the stability and confidence in walking — could stride in them. What draws me to them is the combination of frumpy grandma silhouette and the contradicting siren print.

I like them but fear the usual impossibilities for me of any version without a strap. Even high vamped ones will likely come off my silly foot. However, if I found one that stayed on, I would potentially be in.

I love the block heel and like the idea. When retailers come up with something walkable and cute, I feel like I should be all over it in support. So, it surprised me when I read a couple other fashion sites and found women bashing block heels as frumpy. My favs are the taupe ones from Jeffrey Campbell.

Styled with a boho outfit, I could see them looking very fashion-forward. You make a strong case for this style, and If I was in need of a dress shoe, the block heel ballerina pump would be in contention.

This is one of those posts that makes me feel fashion-forward, Angie, because a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Bitsie heels just arrived in the mail for me yesterday! Do any of the other styles you feature here either come in wide or look like they might run wider? I really like this look, thanks for breaking it down Angie. I especially like it with cropped jeans. I like these shapes — retro for me, but still very cool oh, and comfortable, did I mention my feet usually hurt?

They are black with tiny gold studs on the heel and toe cap — pretty and one would think easily wearable. I do remember wearing them a grand total of once, but feeling very conspicuously matronly when all around me were in high heels. Love the style — retro-modern to my eye. I would wear them to anything, pants and skirts and dresses.

I almost bought the Topshop Juno ones, but then ended up with a different style. Still loved them though. I have to admit that I am conflicted about them. I love the block heel, It is the round toe that is giving me pause. I would probably prefer a low-vamp, rounded square toe version. I hope that my eye adjusts as they look very comfortable. Just looking for the right fit and color. I got some Mary Janes that look a lot like this style with the addition of a dainty strap across the top of the foot.

I got them because of some runway looks I admired. And I love them. They are comfortable and a fun metallic color. However, I have found styling them a challenge. I want incorporate them into my office capsule. Younger people have the advantage of not being in the age demographic that is associated with frumpy dressing.

But people of any age can incorporate trends into their looks. Some may just have a higher degree of difficulty than others. As mentioned above, this can require some careful consideration of the other parts of the outfit. For me, the thing that trumps it all is attitude. Angie, what do your older clients think of this style? Would they look more modern on an older woman than a kitten heel? Maybe I need the calf hair version.

I do like the looks with the trendy cropped flares — looks very fresh and fun to me. I have been waiting my whole life for these shoes to come back in style. Practical, comfortable, yet ladylike. Audrey Hepburn all the way. I have trouble with any style of pump as I can never keep them on my feet so I gave up buying them many years ago.

I have great difficulty with shoes which is really annoying! With Vildy on this one. Bring on the block-heeled ballerina pump, I say!

And a sniff of the nose at anyone who would try to make an older woman feel bad about preferring that lovely Juno ballerina to a pointy-toed stiletto! I can see the point that they look classic—but some can look awfully old ladyish. Krish and April, I appreciative your alternative perspective which I bet others hold too. Thankfully, modern style is long past those types of stereotypes.

If we can wear big white sneakers with frocks and look killer, women of all ages can wear the block heeled ballerina pump and look fab. I re-iterate the 5 bullet points in my post. I have small feet for my height — US6. I feel like the odd duck on this one: That might actually be a plus for me!

I really love good Cuban heels, and those are almost impossible to find. So are my 40s repro wedges. I feel the same way about 90s block heels. The black and white ones in the outfit 2 are the best. I dislike them also because they remind me when I first got into 40s vintage, there were lots of vintage-esque shoes available… but they ALWAYS failed at the heel. It was usually a straight block, or set too far back under the heel, and occasionally flared like this.

Or else the shoes mismatched nice 40s peep-toe uppers with 50s stilettos. It was really frustrating, and drove me to rigorously search ebay for actual vintage and pricey reproduction shoes. I would love to see them on anyone else! I happen to love this style. I believe the shoes were Roger Vivier — block heel and rounded toe. Not Roger Vivier shoes — too expensive! But great to see so many different brands, colors, etc. Thanks for this great post!

I like their retro sensibility and the way they play with crops. They are no go on my feet due to even that low of heel not working at this point. They may have never worked due to the walk out of the heel factor… I will enjoy them on others. Cheers to vicarious footwear thrills! This is my favorite kind of shoe of all time to wear if not look at.

Basically a court shoe. I like the higher vamp version, because it gives the tiniest bit of edge to what could go staid easily. These shoes may be staid and look slightly dowdy, but their comfort level combined with modern stylings, as you show, could be the ticket to wearing them. I really like your second paragraph Alecia. All the comments here pretty much cover the bases! There are definitely some frumpy old lady shoes. And then there are some dated shoes.

35 Ways to Wear Block Heels Like the Fashion Crowd (and 6 Perfect Pairs to Buy)

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